Download Free Math Class 10th MCQ eBook for Entrance Examinations 2020-21

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Maths Class 10th MCQ eBook for Entrance Examinations: Math Class 10th Sample Paper is helpful for Board Exams and Entrance Exams such as Polytechnic Exam, ITI Exam, Scholarship Exam and for General Awareness.

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Mathematics Class 10th MCQ eBook: Mathematics is the science that deals with the logic of shape, quantity and arrangement. Here, we are giving different topics wise Questions and Answers on the Mathematics that will help the readers in the preparation of different examinations.

You will see around 15-40 Mathematics MCQ questions in the paper. These Mathematics MCQ ebooks are the best way to check your knowledge before going for any Board and Entrance exams.

If you are preparing for the entrance examination and looking for the Mathematics Questions Papers for better preparation then you are in the right place. Here in this article, we have clear up all the detailed syllabus Class 10th Mathematics Ebook in PDF format. You can also download the PDF which is absolutely Free for all students.

CBSE Useful Resources

Below we have mentioned the Class 1-12th Useful Resources which will help you crack the CBSE Board Exam 2020.


  • 10 sets of questions.
  • Compatible Browsers – IE9+, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox
  • Documentation – Yes
  • License – GPL
  • Version – 2.1.0
  • Layout – Responsive (You can read in all devices)

Book Review

Book NameMathematics Class 10th MCQ Ebook
PublisherEdufever Private Limited
CategoryCBSE, Competitive Exam
Number of Sets10
Useful forBoard Exams, Medical Entrance, Engineering Entrance  NTSE, Olympiad, Scholarship Tests
Compatible Browsers IE10+, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox

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How to use this E-book.

This Mathematics Class 10th MCQ eBook with answers is one of the most crucial and rank deciding tool in preparation. In exams, we make some silly mistakes and lose precious marks. This ebook is not just meant to sharpen your preparation but it will also help you to increase your efficiency in the exams.  Please take care of the below-mentioned strategy tips while solving this ebook.

  • Please be honest and don’t cheat yourself.
  • Whenever you are solving the book, think it in an atmosphere of your desired exam.
  • The questions asked in the ebook should be dedicated to sharpening your points.
  • Analyse your subject knowledge after the test.
  • Be confident! Whether your test was good or bad. Always keeps improving.

Other Useful Resources

If you are preparing for the entrance examination and looking for the CBSE Class 10th NCERT Solutions for better preparation then you are in the right place. These NCERT Solutions cover all important topics given in Mathematics for NCERT Class 10th download in pdf free by clicking on links below.

S. NoSubjectLink Here
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3.Class 10th Contemporary India 2 NCERT SolutionsClick here
4.Class 10th India And The Contemporary World 2 NCERT SolutionClick here
5.Class 10th Science NCERT SolutionsClick here
6.Class 10th Maths NCERT SolutionClick here
7.Class 10th Kritika Bhag 2 NCERT SolutionClick here
8.Class 10th  Kshitij Bhag 2 NCERT SolutionClick here
9.Class 10th Sanchayan Bhag 2 NCERT SolutionsClick here
10.Class 10th Sparsh Bhag 2 NCERT SolutionsClick here
11.Class 10th Footprints Without Feet NCERT SolutionClick here
12.Class 10th First Flight NCERT SolutionClick here

NOTE: You can download Class 1 to Class 12 NCERT Solution for all subjects through this link. Click here

Entrance Resources

S. NoSubjectLink Here
1.Download Free Biology Class 10th MCQ E-BookClick here
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3.Download Free Maths Class 10th MCQ E-BookClick here
4.Download Free Physics Class 10th MCQ E-BookClick here

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